The motive of the palm is used to put focus on our unsustainable use of products, which directly or indirectly leads to the deforestation and destruction of the world’s original forests. For instance, palm oil and soya beans are now produced in vast areas previously covered by rainforest. The rainforest is cut down to make space for our unsustainably use of biodiesel, meat and other products. The palm is chosen as a symbol of the original rainforests and the piece ending up in our unsustainable daily life will remind the viewers that they through their consumption are taking a small part of the felling of the rainforest.

PALMA is produced with excess yarn from the textile industry, yarn that would otherwise just be dumped.

PALMA  is also a part of the ever-growing body of Work SILVA. An attempt to rebuild plants and trees from the rainforest, the project is an ever-growing one, giving birth to new additions as an organic forest would. 

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