Walking meditatively in the forest reduces stress and enhances wellbeing. The concept is practiced around the world and is named Forest bathing. In a not so distant future, however, forest bathing may only be possible in certain protected areas or in museums. This is due to our unsustainable exploitation of our forests, as they are chopped down to make space for agriculture, industry and expanding cities or used for energy purposes. 

Ekman is making a modular forest consisting of birch stems and grassy grounds. The forest is always growing, giving birth to new additions. The birch stems comes in 2D wall pieces, semi-3D wall pieces and 3D sculptures  (tall birch stems, fallen birch stems and meditation cushions) and in wall carpet pieces. This piece shows a tiny part of the endlessly growing “museum forest”.

For each Forest piece 500 DKK will be donated to the NGO Forests of the world