FADING explores our ignorant relation to nature and showcases our self-centred engagement with the species and organisms we share this planet with. 

In the wide spread anthropocentric world view the raison d’être of plants and animals is to serve us, the homo sapiens. We control, change, duplicate and use them to the extent that they lose their natural look. Like colourless copies we arrange them in straight rows and we take centre stage in the altered and fading biosphere. It is as if we celebrate our dominance and our total control of nature, 

FADING is a continuation of my work on the plant series, especially Palma. I play with the feeling of faded and fading as we continue to burn down and exploit plants and the planet – these plants risk to become extinct.

FADING will become a installation in Kunstpakhuset. Visitors will thus be able to walk through this 17 meter long avenue consisting of a 17 meter long runner and approximately 44, 2.5 meter high, more and more fading and transparent tufted palm leaf sculptures. In the end, both the rug and the sculptures consist only of white threads.

IKAST KUNSTPAKHUS 14th of January- 25 February 2023